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Refer as many as you can with the possibility of earning up to 1300$/ 90,000₹ per month

How do I get 

You get paid for every referred candidate who have joined and retained for the period of three months.

How to 

1. Sign Up

Fill up the Contact Form

2. Find the current openings

Select the jobs that you want to work on

3. Refer candidates

Refer candidates by efficiently uploading relevant candidate profiles

4. Get Paid

Get paid for every referral within a week just after they complete their retention tenure.


Yes, Any one can refer us candidate relevant to the current opening positions, either individuals,placement agency, or individual recruiter. 

You get paid for every candidates who got selected and completed their retention period, which is generally three months.

While Signing Up we ask for your bank account number with other required information. You will be paid on the same account, In any case you want to change the bank account number you cant contact us with all the relevant details.

Once the candidate complete their retention period within fifteen days money will be transferred to your account.

Candidates are accepted on a first come first serve basis with each candidate record being date and time stamped. If two or more Recruiters submit the same candidate, only the first one submitted will be considered.